Friday, 8 June 2012

On our feet

Back to the Hog in Armour upstairs room, and we're on our feet. The couples are joined by Ruby (the maid) and Mrs Northrop (the char).

It becomes very evident just how much character can be expressed through a simple seating arrangement or move. Excluding characters from discussions, allying oneself with the dominant character in the room, sitting in such a way that someone else is prevented from joining you; all done without a word of script.

Vitally, Genevieve very seldom tells the performers to move to a particular spot. More likely, we'll be challenged about 'what's going on', and the positions become obvious. If one doesn't work, we'll try another.

Oh, and what are we supposed to do with our port glasses when there's a knock at the door? We don't want the Yorkshire Argus to catch the Councillor and the Alderman imbibing...

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