Wednesday, 6 June 2012

First readthrough

The upstairs function room at The Hog In Armour; the room itself is a bit gloomy for reading the script for (in some cases) the first time, so we use the bar area instead.

Most of the fifteen members of the cast are there, with a bit of judicious reading-in - not least by Lucy, who just happened to be in the pub when we arrived. The three wives - Annie, Clara and Maria - don't at this stage know which one will be playing which, so we switch roles across the three acts. Suggestion made in the bar afterwards that we could always share all three roles ("if it's Saturday, I'm playing Annie") but this is rapidly dismissed as a bad idea by the actresses in question.

Yorkshire accents of varying consistency and accuracy abound, and we are relieved to know that a dialect coach will be available. Judi, of course, playing Lottie, has the advantage of hailing from Wakefield to begin with...

And so it begins.

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