Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Cackle and crash

This is what I love about rehearsals.

My first entrance - first line - is "That Mrs Northrop. When she's done her washing-up tonight, she goes - and goes for good." We figured out that Mrs N had presumably really annoyed me in some way just before we arrive on stage ("crammed with high tea"), rattling Maria's normal composure as hostess. As such, we've asked Mrs Northrop to cackle at us from offstage (she's later referred to as "laughin' to herself like a proper barmpot"). Jude's wonderful Wyrd Sisters impression was quite enough to send me on stage in a state of agitation...

This first entrance of our three married couples, straight from their celebratory tea, needed a bit of noise and chaos. We weren't, however, quite expecting one of our number (I shall spare their considerable blushes) to fall over the crate presently housing the bottles and glasses for use later in the scene... but the funny thing is that it did rather create the right atmosphere!

Having consolidated the work done in the last few evenings on Act I, we've moved on to reading, then initially moving, the start of Act II. The men are in big trouble. They went off to t'Club - in the middle of our anniversary party... And when they return, they don't seem to have a satisfactory explanation. So we freeze them out. Well, wouldn't you?

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