Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Building from the shoes up

On stage, with the shell of a set starting to appear around us, and the odd bit of costume. Genevieve asks us to wear our costume shoes to start to give us the right 'feel' - working from the bottom of the costume upwards. Unfortunately I can't comply, as mine are half a size too small and crippling... but my fellow wives have theirs (understated light brown for Annie, black with statement buckles for Clara).

We work through the slightly neglected Act III, getting this final bit of the jigsaw in place ready for our first on-stage run-through on Thursday. My first attempt is disastrous: those oh-so-perfect lines in the car on the way to rehearsal desert me completely, resulting in a lot of very un-Maria-ish Anglo-Saxon language. Judi and James are very good to me (and I've no doubt at all that they would be very reassuring and supportive on-stage companions if it happened for real), but I'm seriously annoyed with myself.

However, second time through it's a lot better. The three 'encounters' between the husband-wife partnerships are gaining momentum, and lead us through convincingly to the final moments of the play.

Barry has taken some excellent new photos; you can see some of the cast on the beginnings of our lovely set here (and linked from the Rehearsal Photos page of this blog). And no, I'm not going to explain why the lovely Helen is waving her legs in the air. You'll just have to come to the show.

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