Monday, 9 July 2012

Sewing it together

Gracious me. The whole show. In one long tapestry (OK, with a teabreak-interval). To be fair, some of the embroidery in this particular Bayeux creation is more like tacking stitches at the moment, but with ten days to go before opening night that's no bad thing: if we'd all been word perfect right now, what on earth would we do for the next week and a half? (That is said, of course, to appease my own conscience at being one of the worst offenders for - if I may labour the comparison - dropping stitches.)

Using the Rehearsal Room for the last time, we were generally pretty pleased with the overall shape of the show. We can see where we need to speed up - or, indeed, slow down; where we've forgotten the physical construction of a scene (because it feels like ages since we last worked it), or where it doesn't look quite right in the context of the whole; we can enjoy our fellow performers' scenes, invisible to the rest of us until now.

Tomorrow's rehearsal will focus on the slightly neglected Act III, then a break on Wednesday to gather our thoughts, our lines and our concentration, and then our first full run on the partly-constructed set on Thursday.

We're getting there.

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