Thursday, 12 July 2012

It's a show? Corset is...

(You can tell when I've been borrowing my jokes from a certain Maddermarket wordsmith.)

Our first full runthrough on the stage, with yet more bits of costume, props and a continually grown set (Maria's drawing room is now a rather fetching shade of blue). Not surprisingly, the pace was well down; we had rather a lot to think about. Negotiating doors (two people managed to get their fingers caught), a gravel path (nice and noisy), the framework of a conservatory; Harry Potter style glasses for Robin; rehearsal skirts for the girls (actually, I love my polka-dot-hemmed creation. Very Carmen Miranda).

I also had a Brooke-like episode (ref: Noises Off). Lost contact lens while sitting in the stalls watching before my next entrance. With only one working eye, unable to find missing lens, so performed next scene half-blind. Summoned help as we got the the interval, and hugely grateful to the lovely Kiera who took a torch and searched diligently until it was found. Phew.

Oh, and for Kiera and myself, there were corsets. Forgive the earthiness of the comment, but I have to say that my rack suffered from vertigo: it hasn't been elevated to such heights for some considerable time. It also meant that the simple action of sitting on the sofa could result in asphyxiation.

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  1. I fully expect men will be queueing up to be stretched on your rack.